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Project Description
The DotNetNuke Razor User Locator module demonstrates how Razor can be used to author DNN modules. This module shows where recent users to a web site came from based on their IP address.

User Locator Logo



This module uses the DotNetNuke API to get a collection of recent visitor IP addresses from the SiteLog table. It also uses the new ASP.NET Razor syntax for the view control. With this data, it makes a web call to to get the geolocation data for an IP address. This data is returned to the user’s browser through the JSON format and rendered on top of a Google map, like the example below:

User Locator


A live demo can be seen at


There are a couple of requirements in order to use this module:

  1. The DotNetNuke instance must have the RazorHost module installed. It can be downloaded at
  2. The DotNetNuke instance must have the SiteLog enabled in order to provide data (and of course some recent visitors!)
  3. The DotNetNuke instance can make WebClient calls to a remote server to query for the geolocation data.

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